How many people can fit inside the booth?

You can fit as many people as you like, there are no rules! The current record is 14! We wonder if you could top that…


Does your booth work outside?

Yes! Our booth is operable outside. This is very much weather dependent as The Blithe Booth is not rain proof (we are not huge fans of rain!!).  We also ask for all bookings both inside or out to be in reach of mains power.


Can I bring my own props?

Great idea! Bring along whatever props you like, we just want to make sure you have a great time!


Is the booth suitable for children?

The Blithe Booth caters to all heights; our booth and backdrop are height adjustable, meaning we can create a mini set up for children.



What if I want to add more hours to my booking?

It is our aim to make sure your booking with us runs as smoothly as possible, so if extra time is needed we will always try our best to accommodate this. However, to avoid disappointment we do ask that the request is made at the earliest point possible.


What is a custom print out?

We are able to provide customised backgrounds on your instant printouts.             This add-on is perfect for themed events or if you just want to add a personal touch to your prints.


How much space is needed for the booth?

To ensure our prints maintain their high quality we recommend a set up anywhere between(6’ x 5’) to a (9’ x 7’) area, but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your situation.

What is a booth attendant and what are they there for?

Our booth attendants will be your personal aid whilst using the booth. They’re there for advice and queries. Who knows they might get you to jump on someone’s back just before a shot, anything is possible..


Does set up come out of my time?

No, we will arrive a good amount of time before your booking start time to set up!


How far do you travel & Do you have a travelling fee?

We travel throughout the UK, however a travel charge will be applied to bookings exceeding an 40-mile return trip.

Can i see the all the photos from my event and if so, When?

Once the event is over photos we will send you directly all the digital copies and will also be uploaded to our website for all your guests to view (with the option to make this gallery private).

Does the booth do video?

Yes, our booths do have a video function!

Do you have Public liability insurance?

Yes, you’re safe in our hands!